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My parts

Yes! My parts arrived today and now i got them.

There are over 400 parts in this box (not include picaxe things):

There are ldrs,resistors,electric capacitors,ceramic capasitors,motor driver,08M,transistors,leds,axle,wires and lots of other things what i can use on robots. But still i have to order more parts, motors,breadboard and battery holders.


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lumi's picture

Cool gift box ;-) It's a lot of potential in there ;-) What you wanna build?

BotFIN's picture

... that biped ;D

Aaronsuper1's picture

So many parts...what are you trying to build?! A high bass ampifier?

MetalmonkeeLad's picture

wow, that's a lot of parts, specially the capacitors, i cant wait to see your robot, do you have a schematic of it?

BotFIN's picture

Well i have schematics and i post them when my robot is ready