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Grounded Bicore

Hey guys!


I'm new to BEAM robotics and I want to build a simple grounded bicore. Now I want to use 100uF electrolytic caps and two 1k resistors (which should give me 1 pulse every second.

I'm using a 74HC14 inverting Schmitt Trigger. How are the caps connected to the inputs/outputs? Does the positive side of the cap go to the input or to the output?


Thanks in advance



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your on beam robotics too?

Well, I want to start because I kinda like the look of just a chip with all the components soldered to it and because I saw this cool "Solar Bird" here yesterday^^

Are there any cool simple BEAM bots?


oooh grounded bicore, your on beam robotics too? well i think that you should use non-polarized capacitors to do that!