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Welcome LMR members, to my newest robotic top secret project, THE PROJECT RNGTN, which is not top secret anymore.

so what about it? well i have created this to see if my analogue neural network circuit's gonna work which will be using as it's brain, and i also created this as my desktop pet, but why orangutans? well orangutans are being endangred in our times and they look funny.

and BTW, as you can see in the first picture, it has a Yakult bottle as a torso, well i have discarded it cause it looks trashy!!

so, today i'm gonna show you the pictures and parts of my project, sorry for the pictures, it looks blurry cause i have pictured it using my computer's camera......so, uh, here it is:


1. this is it's face crafted from homemade clay (flour, salt, water) and hardened using the oven


2. here it's face with an open mouth, (hinged jaw), looks scary...

3. the torso, yup, it's arms are made from popsicles sticks and chopsticks using Fritsl's Philosophy


4. the battery (from an old cellphone) LDrs for it's eyes and an electret mic.

5 gonna use this as it's fur.

6. i used this universal cellphone charger as a battery charger.

7. a connector for the battery and charger and an old broken computer mouse, gonna use the clicker switches as the sensors

8. Happy Christmas, well gonna use thos for the sounds


9. popsicle sticks...lots and lots of popsicle sticks

so that's for it now, gonna finish it, i think, soon

so before i'm gonna finish this blog, i'll let you look at some of my old and new robotics and electroics project:

* my desktop solar talking robot named ringo(theLEDs are the eyes and the 2 red thingies are the mouth) the second picture shows it's mouth open, and yes it's name came from a beatle member:

  with it's mouth open


* an old prototype of "the brain in a box" for my old robot:


* solar powered mtchbox:

*my homemade microscope, believe me it really really works on anything, uses a lens from an old camera, the LEDs circuit is inside the tic tac box wich probably you can't see:


that's it folks, cheers!!!

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Amazing. I can't say anything else.

thank you fellow roboboys!!!

I'm really interested in project RNGTN, will we be seeing her in the rehabilitation center soon? : ) Another thing that fancies me is the microscope. I really need to find some good lenses.

hope that you can make one! and thankz 4 the comment

What's with the little solar toy? Will the bot be like Grape Ape and ride around on a car?

lol, your comment made me laught, the solar toy is just one of my creations, it's not part of the orangutan project nor will the microscope.