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water gun

ok so  my dog always steals wood from our basket next to our fireplace and we have to yell at him when he does at first we just said bad dog and put the wood back but he didn't get the idea so we have to really shout now he just takes it when we're not there and when we get back theres wood splinters all over the floor. from past experiences with dogs squirting a little bit of water at the back of thier head when they'r being bad really helps


heres my idea: a simple ir range finder mounted on the fire place and if the distance changes ie the do leans to get the wood it it squirts a bit of water 


the problem is simple how do i squirt water, that's it  all i need to know


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Something like a water pistol and a servo might do the trick?

lol be sure to film it when you first test it out, i wanna see the dogs reaction :P

hmmmm i do not need to actually direct it at the dog as it will just be pointing straight at the basket and he cant go there accidently so i was just thinking if there was a cheeper way to squirt water but dont worry i have seen a robot with a servo pressing down on a water bottle withe a hole in the top  

thanks anyway :)

The subject line says it all. I believe hackaday showed a hack about spraying cats that entered a particular room and the hacker used a windshield washer motor.