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the chair

it drives arround and makes people scatch thier heads
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So this is my wheelchair I found it at a garage sale and for $50 bucks I couldn't walk past it I've had for a couple of weeks now I have only done some minor maintenance and added some simple linkage for radio control which is working great my original idea was to make this a power house for multiple projects I.e. lawn mower,wagon,seed/mulch spreader maybe add a dump bed to haul small loads of dirt or gravel basically an rc yard slave but then I found frits on YouTube and I felt like I just met "clarise" (which is why I chose my user name) seriously a whole new world opened up for me and a flood of ideas that before seemed so far out of reach were suddenly within my grasp but sadly this is where my ignorance lies not only have never programmed a micro controller but I've never even seen one in person now don't get me wrong I'm confident that I can handle the task I do odd projects all the time for example get a text msg when someone rings my doorbell so I know to pull up my cctv and see who's there I can also open my garage doors via text msg and the list goes on I guess what I'm getting at is that I could use a little push in the right direction I've got a lot of questions like which controller is best for my project/newbs where should I buy it how much should I plan on spending is it even worth doing so if anyone has any input it would be very much appreciated also I'd like to add sorry if I broke any rules by posting this here I wasn't sure if it should be here or in the something else tab

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cool robot mate, i like it!!!! and welcome to LMR!!!!

still working on it.cant wait to watch it grow also still trying to figure out the site.       fail!!!! ha-ha

still working on it. its going to be fun to watch it grow

I would keep some kind of controls on the chair, just in case. Those onboard controls can easily be watched by a microcontroller and then make adjustments when required. The choices for microcontrollers you have are rather wide open. Most of what you will see on this site are either PICAXE or arduino, but, those are only a couple of the multitude of options. There are PICs, AVRs, MSP430s. Those are the common options. Once you settle on a microcontroller then you have to get a programmer and finally chose a language to program in. :) You would likely get the most help from here if you stick with PICAXE or arduino. That being the case chose your language and then pick your controller. :)


I too have a wheel chair made into a robot. If you go autonomous be forewarned that the stock wheel chair controller is limiting the power those motors make. I'm using this motor controller on mine. It will give you serious whiplash when riding on board set for RC. I tried an arduino on mine setup for VERY SLOW speeds (using pwm) shown in the teaser video, it was very scary!

I didn't have any sort of fail safes or safety stops during that test.

Be safe with these big power toys!