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Rocket Brand Studios Is Now Open

Rocket Brand Studios is now open.



Whew, this has been more work that I could have ever imagined. There is still cleaning up to do and content to add, but we are up and running. The RocketBot robots have been kitted and are ready to ship, accessories and brackets have been designed and are ready to go. The laser cutter is warmed up and ready to custom cut exactly the doo-dad that you need to attach that other doo-dad to your robot. 

So stop on by, stroll through the store and the tutorials, ask a question. I am happy to help you in any way possible.

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The unit I have will cut up to 9 1/2 x 14 1/2 which translates to 9x14 safely (safe means that I have some fudge room to be sure the stuff to be cut does not run off the edge of the sheet). My "standard" material is clear plexi at .086" thick. I have successfully cut 3/16" plexi with equally good results. My assumption is that I am going to max-out at about 1/4" thick or so. I can do basically any paper product --cardboard, cardstock etc. I have played a bit with some plywood and have had good success with material up to about 3/16. At this thickness I have to slow the machine down quite a bit so the edge work does come out a bit brown, but after a quick sand with some #220 grit, the faces remain very clean. The only major no-no's are lexan, anything with PVC in it, and no PCB material. --To be honest, I am surprised on a daily basis how many things this cutter will get through. I am working on being able to accept a DXF file (sorta the "standard" file type for this kinda stuff) --for now, I can accept inkscape files (.svg) with no problem. If the end peices are less than 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 I can ship them internationally for $15. 

Draftsight, free 2D CAD from solidworks, will also save as .svg

Great to see that your store is up and running. I hope it will be a success and that you in the future can do this for a living.
I might need some laser cutting in the future. Can you say anything about what cutter you have and what materials / thicknesses it can cut?

maybe a xmas gift for sonny ---- hmmmmm.

NIce website! I hope it all goes well for ya :) 

Good luck with the website and the store Chris. I'm sure you'll make it work beautifully.


I just grabbed a copy of the AutoCad WS stuff and it looks great! --Really good, actually. I am a bit confused as to the lack of a "new document" button. It seems that everything must start as an uploaded file. I can't seem to find anything that says this is not the case. At any rate, I guess this would probably work fine --It looks like a good, universal place to place a file. It also seems like someone could start the design using any program they want and Autodesk will accept it --I just did a quick skim of everything, I need to go back and really check what kind of files it will play nice with. I guess the bottom line is if it will accept files from various programs, not skew the design when importing, than it will be the perfect place for customers to "park" their files for me. 

Ok, I am off to play with this thing and see what it is all about.



I was playing with a file that Patrick sent me. Patrick used decimal inches and I need to work with milimeters, as it is hard for me to work with 0.394 of an inch and stuff like that. But Autocad WS does not support the Units command. So, I need someone to set the units to mm, draw just a square box 10x10mm in Layer 0 and name it TemplateMM.dwg. Then upload it to Autocad WS and share it with me. Then I can save a copy of it in my folder and work on it as I need.

Thank you!

Done. (I think)