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Rocket Brand Studios Is Now Open

Rocket Brand Studios is now open.



Whew, this has been more work that I could have ever imagined. There is still cleaning up to do and content to add, but we are up and running. The RocketBot robots have been kitted and are ready to ship, accessories and brackets have been designed and are ready to go. The laser cutter is warmed up and ready to custom cut exactly the doo-dad that you need to attach that other doo-dad to your robot. 

So stop on by, stroll through the store and the tutorials, ask a question. I am happy to help you in any way possible.

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Go it, thanks!

Will do, frits. That front page is becoming a thorn in my side --I am simply not a graphic designer, It seems. It will get better (I hope).

Chuck, yes --9x14 inches

Everyone else --You are all correct. I cannot import a DXF file directly to inkscape (it just won't do it). I have tried some other programs (i.e. Open Office) and the design seems to always gets stretched or skewed each time. It gets even worse when I import to Open Office and then export as SVG.  And yes, you can't go from any kind of "picture" to any kind of "vector" and have it come out the correct size. The good news is that my cutter appears as a printer to the computer so I can cut from basically any program that can print. This means that I simply need to find a simple program that can open a DXF file and print it --no need to import to inkscape (or any other program). I am still looking. If you guys find anything you think may work, i.e. somthing that can open a lot of different file types and then print, lemme know.

I appreciate your well wishes

Why not use the Autocad WS? It's a web based application from Chrome Web Store that allows the user to upload the design, edit, share and plot the design. Say I want Chris to laser cut my design, I do it in Autocad WS, I share it with Chris, he can do any mods that are necessary and he can plot (print) the part on his laser machine. No OS specific software, just a web based application free (at least for now) from Autodesk. The only downside is no 3D stuff available yet, but for a laser cut, 2D is what you need anyway.


Best of luck with the project, Chris :)

Let's know if there's anything we can do for you! :)

Oh - and get some pictures up on the frontpage, dude ;)

nice store your robot products are grate and laser cutting awesome . yes laser cutting , please if you could recommended some >free.< CAD software that output's the appropriate file format for your laser cutter , I have some ideas and i would like them to be shinny :) if every thing go's to plain and i can get my head around CAD , i hope to order some parts from you      

InkScape is what you want. It is free, super-easy and there are a lot of tutorials. I am in the process of figuring out the best way to accept a DXF file (sorta the standard format in the laser-cutter world) but for now, InkScape is the way to go. There is not much to know but here is a quick run-down:

  • Make all your lines .001"
  • Make all your lines one color (black, blue or red)
  • The laser will cut EVERY line (even if it is covered by something else)
  • 9x14 is max size

That's about it! 

make an image in bmp format, use potrace to convert it to ps or eps, then pstoedit to convert to dxf.

OddBot is right, there is no sense to convert a vector image to a raster image and back to vector description file. There has to be another way.

If you make a bitmap and then convert it that way you will loose dimensional accuracy.

if what you are after is an image of a given relative size you could do what I mentioned rather than try to draw it. If one wanted a particular design, rather than draw it up just find a representation online and convert it.