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Rocket Brand Studios Is Now Open

Rocket Brand Studios is now open.



Whew, this has been more work that I could have ever imagined. There is still cleaning up to do and content to add, but we are up and running. The RocketBot robots have been kitted and are ready to ship, accessories and brackets have been designed and are ready to go. The laser cutter is warmed up and ready to custom cut exactly the doo-dad that you need to attach that other doo-dad to your robot. 

So stop on by, stroll through the store and the tutorials, ask a question. I am happy to help you in any way possible.

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9x14 inches,???       InkScape downloading now ,thanks again Chris

If you think setting up was a lot of work then wait till you get busy.

You will spend so much time answering questions, designing other peoples widgets and packing/sending out stuff that you will not be able to work on your own projects.

When Rocket Brand goes public I'm buying shares!

right on!

good luck with the store dude.