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Crazy Car

Plays a song, checks your fingerprint and flee from light

After I attended a beginners course held by Geir Andersen I got inspired to make a little car. So last summer at late hours between my shifts at work I made this at a very low budget. Basically it does three things: 1 - Plays the Axel F melody (also known as the theme song for Crazy Frog) at different speeds. 2 - Check your "finger print" by a thermo sensor at the nose of the car. 3 - Chased by the light when the light dependent resistor at the front and the back are activated.

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I must say that your robot is way more complex than the stuff that I had in my course.  Great to see that you have expanded on that.
It looks great and reminds me of a black version of the “Pink Panther”

I too love the panter-esque look. Ping pong balls + LEDs = awesomesauce always.

funny little robot mate, welcome to LMR!!