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74HC14 questions.

Hello! How can i program 74HC14? What cables and what plugs do i need? What language does it use and what program do i use?

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Ehh… 74HC14 is a Hex inverting Schmitt trigger and not a microcontroller.

hello BotFIN, that's a great ic for beam robot, specially walkers, with no pragraming whatsoever!!

here's a great link to make a cool robot using 74hc..... :




here is some more info on logic gates:


Best place I've found for data sheets: http://www.datasheets.com/search/index.jsp

Shows you a PDF of the datasheet. Hover at bottom right and you have a choice to download.

Google datasheet search now returns 50 wannabe sellers who sometimes don't even HAVE the datasheet. No baloney at datasheets.com, but you CAN look at inventory and prices at Mouser, Digikey etc.

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