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Begginings of a Quadracopter

Hello LMR!

I plan to design a quadracopter in the next year with FPV. The first step in this endeavor is to build a quad using off the shelf parts. I am asking for feedback from you guys before I purchase parts. Any store suggestions or past experiences are greatly appreciated! My biggest problem is finding a good TX/RX system. I need one that will last me for a while but not cost more than $120, can anyone suggest something? Right now I plan to purchase;

TX/RX system

Here is the rest of my shopping list. Tell me what you think! (I am trying to stay to one or only a few stores to save on shipping);

HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board

Quad Frame



FPV System


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I personally use that exact transmitter. All I can say is, "why is this thing so darn cheap?" --It would be a deal at twice the price. It is simply great. Don't forget to get the programming cable, you will need it to adjust the setting of all the aux buttons/knobs at the top. Yup, that was a correct choice.

Thanks CTC,

Is this the programming cable you mean;


Also CTC have you ordered from HobbyKing before? I am reading some bad reviews online and I just wanted to ask if you ran into any poor customer service. 

I have ordered some batteries, a LiPo charger and some other stuff from them and have had no problem what so ever.

By the way, you probably know this site?

Thanks for the link. I heard of it but forgot to check it out. The page showcasing others Quads is particularly useful =)

Yup, that is the cable you need and yes, terrible customer service. At one point they had lost my order and never sent it. Of course, I didn't notice it for 5 weeks --It usually takes a month to get your stuff so thus, more than a month went by before I even noticed something was up. I contacted them and they admitted the mistake. I asked for slightly upgraded shipping (to make up for the fact that they had dropped the ball) and they refused. Not just refused but were assholes about it. I went all the way up to the head manager, and even threatened to never shop with them again. Nothing. I tried to stress to them that this one order has/will take almost 3 months total to get to me, and that a little DHL shipping was not too much to ask. I guess it was. In the end, I simply had to wait and I left with the feeling that they simply didnt give a shit about me. (they don't)

That being said, they got you by the short-hairs in terms of price. As much as it pains me to support them, where else am I going to get servos for $2.65? If they were 10-20% more expensive, I would probably tell them to screw off, but as we sit now, the BS vs Price ratio is enough to keep me buying from them.

For FPV experience, 100mW won't give you clear vision with lots noise.

I got a frame and control unit for Gaui 330. If you still in Toronto can just come and grab it if you want.

Yeah I have already reconsidered that. I will be getting one thats 700mW instead :) Thanks for the feedback though! I will PM you about the frame.

Sweet, can you update your FPV link to the new one you're considering (or reply with a link), I'd like to take a look at it- been wanting one for way too long.  Thanks

Hey rogue. You can look around HobbyKings website for more systems.

Here is the 800mW one I decided to take;

There is also a 1500mW one as well;


But be careful! The weights listed on the website are wrong. Read the comments, the entire Tx system weights somewhere 100-150g depending on which one you buy. The reason I like these systems it they use 900MHz and not 2.4GHz. The 2.4 Ghz ones have a tendency to interfere with the control signals because they use the same frequency band.  Other than that video quality is mediocre but hey for a system this cheap you can't complain =) Range on the 800mW one is about 3000m. These cameras are electronically weak and will need ferrite rings/separate power supply to get a decent signal from them.

HobbyKings promotional video:

End user video;