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Begginings of a Quadracopter

Hello LMR!

I plan to design a quadracopter in the next year with FPV. The first step in this endeavor is to build a quad using off the shelf parts. I am asking for feedback from you guys before I purchase parts. Any store suggestions or past experiences are greatly appreciated! My biggest problem is finding a good TX/RX system. I need one that will last me for a while but not cost more than $120, can anyone suggest something? Right now I plan to purchase;

TX/RX system

Here is the rest of my shopping list. Tell me what you think! (I am trying to stay to one or only a few stores to save on shipping);

HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board

Quad Frame



FPV System


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Thanks for the link. I heard of it but forgot to check it out. The page showcasing others Quads is particularly useful =)