Let's Make Robots!

a BoeBot with no name

roam with no specific goal...
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Second-hand BoeBot

With the whole 2K eeprom and the luxury 13 words RAM

Fitted with the Ping, a compass, the quad QTI kit (2 used as kindof wheels encoders)

+ all the std Parallax accessories 


Currently just roaming, go to the nearest object, and trying to track with the ping

update: now with IR Remote Control   (don't know yet what it could be used for...)

update: new ultrasound cartography  (uses trigonometry to calculate distances between multiple objects)

update: new 'go to the closest object'  algorithm using the compass 

update: now controlled by Microsoft Excel --> "ping grapher" to discover that the Ping))) should wear some glasses (see 4th video)    (connection with mscomm32.ocx)  // OCX and XLS file (attached)

to use the XLS file, first find and register the MSCOMM32.OCX file 

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Great start !, more video ! ..  I mean some video !

Whats a QTI Kit?


Hi All,


thanks for your welcome and enthousiasm


So, the QTI's are line following IR sensors from parallax, 

I've fitted two on the front  (can serve as "I won't crash from the table to the ground" system)

 or just follow some lines, or even get stuck on the checker pavement in my kitchen

and I've fitted the two others behind the wheels, and added some white adhesive tape stripes 

The latter allowing the Bot to go staight-on without curving


My current programs are

-- roam in the room using the Ping))

-- find the nearest object distance and angle, use the compass to align, compute the distance in 1/8th of wheel turns, align the wheels .. and GO !




" I been writing Basic on a Bot with no name, it felt good to be out of sensor range..."

"Writing Basic, you can remember the line, cause there ain't no one for to give you no time "

..sung to the chorus of Americas "Horse with no Name"

You didn't need that last line ... I got it right away.  :P

it seems that an alternative solution would be to use the filesystem object


 Sub Main

  oFSO  = createUnoService("com.sun.star.bridge.OleObjectFactory").createInstance("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

  f = oFSO.OpenTextFile("COM1:9600,N,8,1", 1) 'for Reading
'  f = oFSO.OpenTextFile("COM1:9600,N,8,1", 2) 'for Writing
'  f.write("abc")

End Sub


 Which reminds me C and the way linux accesses the devices 

 and even years before I went to that.. the way GWBASIC was using the serial ports


I'll give a try with my opensuse linux laptop. 


 Cute bot. He looks really botty.

Good videos too. And I like the excel solution for the mapping.

...soon on LMR





Just a sneak preview 

...just connected to my cellphone...

actually just copied the excel macro to an asp page..



source code is here :