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2WD Car Driving in circles


I've just mounted a magician robot, using Dagu's magician chassis and Dagu magician controller. By runing the simple code that follows, it walks in circles, while it should be walking straight in line. I guess one of the motors is being faster than the other. Is this normal?





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Hmm I can`t find the code. And I guess you meant driving instead of walking?

Hi Markamas, Sorry, I forgot. Here is it. Also, I thought about writing driving but I was not sure about this expression since I had never written something driving without a driver before. I was confused! =)


int MLD = 7;

int MLV = 9;

int MRD = 8;

int MRV = 10;

void setup() {                

  pinMode(MLD, OUTPUT); // Left direction

  pinMode(MLV, OUTPUT); // left speed

  pinMode(MRD, OUTPUT); // Right direction

  pinMode(MRV, OUTPUT); // right speed



void loop () {



   digitalWrite(MRD, HIGH);       

   analogWrite(MLV, 200);   //PWM Speed Control

   analogWrite(MRV, 200);   //PWM Speed Control




are the two pins, 9 and 10, meant for PWM output on your controller?

Yes mate, this 2 are the pwm pins!

It is common for them to not move at exactly the same speed.