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Follows the light or goes away from the light


Picture from older version:

Hello! This is my first robot and i want to show it to you! I have some exprience in electronics before I interested in robotics.

I checked robot sites few weeks and buy parts for my inventory for other projects.

But then i decided that i'll make that robot and here's result. I have to do some changes and it's ready then.

Well some information here:

- This is transistor based photophobe

- I used 2 geared motors with 1:220 ratio, 2 2N1904 NPN transistors,on-off switch, 4xAA batteries, 2 ldrs and few jumper wires

- I didn't find this circuit on the web, i created it myself

- This doesn't use any ICs

- Name comes from that it can be 3 different robot and you can easily customise it


- added updated version, video and picture

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nice work, congratz on your first bot :)

hahaha cool, you should give the wheels some more traction for friction!

I'm very sorry i couldn't be the first commenter... as you know my condition last night with the iPhone, which later got weak and...you get my point. Anyway, finally! Our fellow roboscientist has made his bot! Yeah, rock on!

Next project planning

liked your second video, looks good at traction and it get's faster!

RIP flexy, well the rngtn project possesses the same faith as flexy...death, but the project's gonna be revived into a cooler and more nano sized orangutan.....to all roboboys members, welcome to the project phoenix initiative!

Soon he will be stronger :o So guess what is going to happen

can you provide the circuit diagram of it .

can you provide the circuit diagram of it .