Let's Make Robots!

Robotic Disk Platform

Navigate around, possibly mapping

This is my next planned robot. It's based on pieces from the self balancing robot, that will be sadly recycled.


  • Brain: Arduino diecimila
  • Motor Driver: MD23 Dual 12Volt 3Amp H Bridge Motor Drive
  • Motors: EMG30
  • Battery: 12V scooter battery
  • Chassis: 2 circular plexyglass panels

It will be a general platform with enought room to experiment whatever comes in my mind :) I already planned some things, like remote control based on ZigBee links, mapping software, a remote tv camera, etc..

Here's the first picture :)

Early design:


My Dremel-cutted plexyglass, it's a circle precise to about 1 mm :) It has still the protective film on:




Some fitting test. Doesn't it looks like the 3d rendering ? :)




The two disks:


 Detail of the third wheel mounting:


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i am guessing that this robot is going to be used for long periods of time judging by the size of the battery.What do you have planed for it ?


World domination, no doubt.
Nice drawings. I wish I could find the time or patience to learn 3D drawing. 
well there are some simple to learn programs. I already knew some blender so i used it. The model is only made of simple primitives: cylinders, cubes and little more, just to check the distances and spaces. Quite useful :)

Google SketchUp is a quite good program, simple to use. I haven't really made that much in it, but it seems nice.

Unless you're willing to spend a lot of time learning Blender SketchUp sould be sufficiant. I don't know what the difference between SketchUp (Free) and SketchUp Pro (costs 331€)

Blender is free and opensource and can be run on Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris whereas SketchUp only is for Mac and Windows.

What CAD program do you use? I like this 3D views.


That's blender. It has a difficoult to learn interface, but it's very precise