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Drum Bot - Tribute to YDM

Rolls around looking for things to drum on. A copy of the ever popular YDM, as published in MAKE magazine

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Nice! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on doing the job :D

Did you run the tuning programs I posted?

Uh Oh, that sounds like it's out of tune from the professional!

I played w/ the tuning program, but got so anxious to see the 'bot function as a whole, I kinda jumped through the tuning.  I do plan to go back and fine tune it....I had a hard time checking the various instruments for tuning.. Some sounded okay, and some sounded slightly off.   As a drummer of 3 years, it's distrubing to me that I can't hear if the 'bot is "on beat" or "off beat"!!!




I think I posted the tip of recording the sound, it's in the code, I think. If you record it on a computer, you can see the wave, and that helps tuning quite a lot :)