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Custom CNCing for you Robot?

Has anyone ever had there robot CNCed? If so what website did you use? I looked at BigBlueSaw and the stuff there is beyond way too expensive, a 7x5 inch aluminum rectangle (1/8") with a couple of holes drilled in is $81.00, beyond my budget severely. I also emailed many other sites, and theyre quotes are in the 300's. So does anyone know of any cheap CNCing service based website they could share?

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i once visited this site:


it looks cheaper but i don't think they make metals.

There is eMachineshop, that gives you free CAD software, which will calulate accurate estimates of whatever part you want made. Prices depend on machining option (turret punch, milling, lathe, bunch of others), material used (metals and plastics), and even how you want it packed.

I've only priced some items but haven't fully gone through the process, but where some part could be $100 for one, it might go down to $15 each order 50 of them. Or something like that. Initial cost has a lot ot do with the setup to make the part. Check :