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Servó qüéßtiøn

Do i connect servos to normal input only? Or where

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Did you read the Arduino site at all? It mentions how the servos can be connected, how they may affect the PWM channels, how the power should be connected, etc. I mean, it is all right there. Not to mention your question started with "normal input" --I know this may have been just an oversight, or just typing fast but if you actually meant "input" it means you didn't google anything before asking the question. C'mon dude.

i was talking about picaxe and i accessed wrongly to site where they lie things


Page 19 to be specific. Using radio control servos.



Page 211, SERVO command. Page 213, SERVOPOS command. Good to know when to use which one.

Okay, because i heard that it goes only to pwm i want to know wich is right
Perhaps you should start by reading the manual? I would be nice if you told us what you are connecting the servo to? Picaxe explain how to connect a servo in detail.

theres 3 leads, one for +V, one for ground, and one signal.

the signal line goes to a digital i/o pin.