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YourDuino.com Low-cost Arduino-related boards and parts

Hi Everyone,

This is Terry King. I run YourDuino.com along with my friend Jun Peng in Shenzhen, China. 

We have a lot of How-to stuff on our WIKI here: arduino-infoWIKI  

And our shop is here: YourDuinoSHOP

We are planning to set up the 5% discount + 5% to LMR deal.  For the moment if you sign up on our site and email me your userid I'll put you in the automatic 5% discount group.  As you'll see our prices are already about the lowest anywhere.

Just email your YourDuino.com USERID to terry@yourduino.com

Suggestions for parts or boards you'd like to see us make available are always welcome!  

We are about to open a special Robot / Robot parts section of our site; I'll announce that when it's up.

Thanks for a great community here...

Regards, Terry King

...On the Mediterranean in Italy




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My god that is cheap! So happy to have found you!

Hi, The way this works on the YourDuino site is you will see the regular prices until you log in, then all the prices you see and pay from will be the reduced prices. 

After you sign up just email terry@yourduino.com and I'll put you in the LMR discount group.

Regards, Terry King  ...On the Mediterranean in Italy



Looking forward to your robot parts shop

Wow you have some great deals. 

Man this really cheap ...