Let's Make Robots!


Move and bump into things

Hello! This is my second, quick maded robot. I got parts from old toys and matchbox (;D)

It's a vibrobot using 9v, big power for small motor.
It has some kind of obstacle avoiding because the motor, you can see it in video. 

Motor with cam disc
9 volt battery
Battery holder
Ceramic capacitor (not necessity)

Easy to make, hope you like!

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cool, it's so simple and portable, i like it

Well, as metal said, cool and simple, but I want to see your robot arm up soon! :D

I make a swarmbot instead(?) Not sure :-S

But at the same time I want to see your SHR up soon too.


The name of the bot should sooooooooooo be a spell.
"VIBRATICULOUS!!!!" (vibrates something badly)

When you said it, I laughed so hard :D

Lol, I just read it back. It sounded kinda weird XD