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Pumpkin Bot

Rc controlled car

I was bored and halloween was right around the corner, so I made this. I ripped the electronics out of an old rc car. I used some hot glue to construct the chasis. I had two motors laying around, so I used it for this project. I soldered the wires running from the motors to the electronics from the rc car. For fun, I added an led inside the pumpkin. I cut out a hole in the back to run the wires. To drive the rc car, I just use the existing rc controller. It gave the kids a good scare.

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lol i hope you wern't planning on scaring people, its just too cute :P


the pumpkin looks a bit frightened  :0 :P

halloween's over...but it still looks cool!

I made it in time for halloween but I didnt have the time to upload.

360! 360!

hahahah I love that parrot!