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Has anyone tried this batteries ?

Hi, i found this battery online, they came in different shape and characteristics, from different shoppers in hong kong.


As anyone tried them? they look great for the prize.. Also, no weight is specified, anyone knows ?


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ok, that's what i was hoping to hear :) 187 g is great since i'm currently using a 2kg lead battery, and 3 amps is plenty of juice for me.

purchased one :)

I just searched google for 12v 4800mah li-ion mass and followed a few links. I found one that gives the dimensions as Size: 9.8cm x 5.7cm x 1.7cm and the mass as 187g. The batteries seem to be for Closed Circuit Television and in lots of 10 can be bought for as little as 15 USD per unit.


These are just normal Li-ion batteries like they use in laptops. Nothing special. They make good batteries for robots as long as you do not want really high discharge currents.

If you want really high discharge currents (more than 3 - 4A) then LiPo batteries are better.