Let's Make Robots!

Here's a guy who would like a little spam

Santosh:  let me know if you need SEO services

 Sent at 9:00 PM on Monday
 Santosh:  i rank website in google in first page
for desired keywords
 me:  How do you do that?
 Santosh:  charges are 1.5 pounds per hour
i do manually
link building
through one way linking
 me:  So, you are posting links to my site on other sites?
 Santosh:  This might be enough to show you
i just post your website on other sites like registering in those sites and in the profile section
i place your website with keyword anchor text
 me:  Sorry, I do not follow you - what do you mean by "registering"?
 Santosh:  forums sites
i register an account
in forum
 me:  So, you register as a member on other forum sites, and in there link to my site?
 Santosh:  yes
i go into the profile section of account
and put all the info there
this i have been doing for the past 5 years
and had ranked many websites in first page in google
 me:  How can we contact you, what is your primary / personal mail address?
 Sent at 9:04 PM on Monday
 me:  And how do we pay you, paypal?
 Santosh:  you can pay me paypal
primary email for contact is
and for paypal email is
 me:  Thank you. Do you realize how much time you are taking from webmasters and friendly nice people who has to clean up after you?
 Santosh:  yeah
they are after me
requesting me updates
at the weekend
 Sent at 9:08 PM on Monday
 me:  On LMR we have people like you who are putting irrelevant content and links to other sites. This is taking time from us, and is very irritating. How do you feel about spending other peoples time like that, and how do you feel about being a general pain in the arse?
 Sent at 9:10 PM on Monday
 me:  You may get a feeling what it's like when you get spammed yourself now.

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If you google that mail address, you get all sorts of dubious stuff:

  • rentawomb (what? he has one?)
  • php programmer
  • "link builder"
  • personal assistant


If you look at the link it seems to be one of those outsourcing companies that hire 3rd world people to do all sorts of low paying jobs.

It is good for the 3rd world communities because they can earn money but not so good for the rest of us :(

Seems odd though. Imagine someone stopping you in the streets somewhere: "hey you. Can i interest you in this beautiful watch?.. no? ... How about a website or would you prefer a surrogate mom?"

Now  this guy gets all of our email adresses.

Besides that I will see what I can do.

I'm not an expert but I was going to set up a new email account to hit him with. Hopefully this will reduce his chances.

I think that the best solution would be to install and configure a local mailserver and send the mails from there.
All he will have is the current name and ip of the machine the mails got sent from, but since most home computers have dynamic addressing he will end up having nothing.
After sending the spams all that is needed is to disconnect and reconnect.

The only way he could be able to find out who is sending the mails is only throught the isp's records.
And that, at least in most countries I know of, needs a court order.


P.S.: I know it's a bit too advanced for most people
P.S.2: OddBot: your idea would work great too. A new email from gmail, yahoo, msn or on of the other free mailservers out there would do.

would probably work but that would just allow that guy to take more of our time.

and im on a static ip...

I think we already spend too much time on this guy.
And yes, having a static ip can be a problem with my method.


Great! from now on I'll forward all my Nigerian emails to this twat. I'm currently getting about 2-3 a day.

HAHA I hate people like this. I made a program on my computer that sent each one of the emails a message 300 times. Hows that for spamming? A taste of his own medicine. (: