Let's Make Robots!

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MetalmonkeeLad's picture

looks cool mate!

Gareth's picture
Did your robot loose its "oil sump" casing ?
frontmech's picture

haha.That is a good idea! Disassembled a cd drive for mine..

teto's picture

Can you add sme details about this robot, please?


fritsl's picture

I like the apparent "overpower" of your robot - it drives very well, and the obstacle avoidence seems to work very well (including bumper).

OK, that was the robot, there's something about your video that I'd like to know:

What camera are you using?

What is the light source?

Are the green paper just something you had laying around?


The reason that I ask, is that for indoor light, your source works very well with that camera. And the green paper cards could very well work for chroma keying.

frontmech's picture

thanks! It's funny you noticed the over-powering-- just completed a charge.Yes green screen cardboard.Using a Canon hfr20 but having some difficulty displaying my embedded video currently

fritsl's picture


Sorry for keep focusing on the video over the robot. But I really like that indoor light. it appears it's just the lamps providing it, what bulps do you have in there? And did you set the white balance manually?

I never managed to get such a nice white balance, you see ;) And I would love to, as we are entering the part of the year where there's only sunlight a couple of hours every day in Denmark. So you could really help me :)

frontmech's picture

 Hi Fritsl! I am using  23 watt Phillips Fluorescent bulbs. Lighting is always tricky for me this time of year too with the way my flat is oriented.I've been setting the white balance manually,recording in 1080i,exporting to QT7.I am still a novice with video production!!

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indoor test run