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How to control a motor fwd and revs picaxe -08m2

Hi everyone this is my first forums post here

I have a bit of a problem that i am trying to work out and that is how to control two motor with a picaxe school experimenter board and an -08m2 chip. This is for a very simple robot that should be able to go forward hit an object triggering a switch which will stop the robot, reverse it and then turn it around before moving off to crash into something else.

can anybody help me with any resources or circuit diagrams.

thanks very much


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To control the motors bidirectionally you'll need a dual H-bridge that can handle the amperage of the motors you choose. Probably something like an L293D or SN745510 would do if you stick with small gear motors. Those will take up four of your pins and your tactile switch will use another. The board you're using has enough connections to make it work.

If this is a school project you probably have to use the PICAXE, but if you don’t then a simple BeetleBot would probably do what you describe. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Robot---The-BeetleBot/
Else you need what JAX is saying, an H-bridge.

thankyou very much JAX ans Geir, the information you provided me is extremely helpful. unfortunately it is a school project and the teacher challenged us to design a robot that can go a set distance and then stop reverse before going forward again.... I just wanted to know if it was possible to use two motors...

thanks once again