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Arduino Nano on PCB

As I wrote in Chopstick Junior 1.0 (there you can see it in the robot) here comes the part with the Arduino Nano on a PCB.

Why I did this?

Well, it's just a try to use the Arduino Nano for other robots too. This gives me the chance to remove the MC and put it in another robot or just upgrade this one with a new Nano. But the most important is that I can connect all the servos I need directly to the board without any solering or using male-to-female cables.

However, the reason ist not the important thing here, but how to do it.

First thing was cutting a matching piece of PCB, male and female header pins and some wire.

Then solder the header pins on the PCB.

As you can see on the right picture above there are two heavy duty power lines. I soldered a thick wire over the whole lenght of the power supply line (for the servo connectors) to make sure that enough juice is coming trough. The other solder points are the in/outputs of the Arduino Nano just pull them out to the female header pins.

Then solder two smaller wires to the power lines and then to the ground and 5V pin on the Arduino Nano to supply it with power as well.

This is pretty much all I've done. For the current project I do not need more.

There is a lot of ways to put more on the PCB if needed but for this time this should be all. Just plug the MC in now and make a very easy servo connection and power supply.


I soldered a power switch on the  board. Next thing to do is to add a 555 timer chip for several tasks.



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I just finished my version of this same board. I am just checking it over and will probably send it out today. Mine is a very similar set-up as well. The only few diferences is that I stuck a motor driver on mine and arranged the pins a bit differently. Other than that, our boards could be brothers! Nice work

Hi brother ;-)

Yeah, the thing with this board is that it can be expanded...like motor driver as you did. I really like the Nano since the most of the projects can be done with this little guy. But to connect something and then also attach the MC to something is a pain in the a**. So I just did what had to be done ;-)

I will probably add more o this board when I need to, since the development of this robot just started ;-) need some sensors, LED's and perhaps a cam on it...the board will be adapted to the new needs. I am wondering how it ends up....maybe i even build my own customized Arduino clone when it's done.

PS: wrong button...but yeah, thats the answer of your comment Chris :-)


Where can I get that sort of PCB?

If you are able to solder then you can make one by yourself. It's pretty easy, nothing fancy to it. Just solder some header pins on the board and wire them up.

Oh no I was asking where to find that perfboard (I didn't know what it was at the time). But I've done some research and I think this  should be good:http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Solderable-Perf-Board-Assortment-Kit-Copper-Pads-6-/380357917556?pt=BI_Electrical_Equipment_Tools&hash=item588f193b74#ht_2008wt_952

I like when people doing their homework ;-) anyway, yes that's all you need...