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ArduBlock: a open source graphical programming language for Arduino integrated with the IDE

<a href="http://blog.ardublock.com/">ArduBlock</a> is a graphical programming languages that integrated with the Arduino IDE. It's originally inspired by <a href="http://scratch.mit.edu/">MIT's Scratch</a>. ArduBloick

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I have some stuff about this and another one called "Minibloq" in the Arduino section of the forum. Yet other ones exist too.

If you like PIC chips you should try "Great Cow Basic" that has a nice block interface (it "sort of" works on the Arduino too.)

For the Propeller chip there is a great one called "12 Blocks" but it isn't free. (I am not sure a free one exists for the "Prop".)

You PICAXE users already know the Basic has a flowchart option built in. Logicator (blocks) exists too and can be used for free.

The ZBasic chip doesn't have a graphical programming interface... :-(

(As far as I know, TI chips don't have one either.)

Does that cover all the controllers we use? If not it comes pretty close...

Firstly, that looks like pretty awesome work.  It probably won't be of much use to me, as I prefer to write the code by hand, but this has definite utility.

Have you heard of the Raspberry Pi?  If not, this is a small-form factor SBC that is on sale for $35; the aim of the foundation is to get cheap computer hardware into the hands of kids in order to help improve IT education, and improve programming skills.  As well as being a full-fledged ARM-based PC in its own right, it also has a set of GPIO pins; an expansion board for those GPIO pins is in the works, called the Gertboard, to allow easy interface/control of external devices.

The Gertboard features an Atmel microcontroller, which is described as being "arduino compatible" (though I don't know which specific Atmel chip).  If this software interface could also work with a Raspberry Pi and the Gertboard's microcontroller, it would be an absolutely ideal addition to the Raspberry Pi software library.  Either way, I think it's worth speaking to those developing the Linux distros for the Pi and see about getting this included as standard.

Nice work. Makes programming accessible for children too. Integration into the Arduino IDE is neat. A timer would be nice to have to avoid the delay.

( An installer would make the installation less challenging. But I know you know... )

Thank you for this contribution to the Arduino community.

Thanks for the kind words. We are looking at a few Timer library to integrate. 


Hi David,

I tried to write the code for my micro bipedino robot and it got out of the page before I could write the second half of the forward routine... What's the news with those custom function (colapsible) blocks?

I have attached the code I wrote so far in Ardublock to my robot's page here together with the zip file of the code I wrote in Arduino as a reference of what I need to do.

Thanks for your efforts!

WIll take a look at the robot very soon. 

Hi, If you're interested in following the development of ArduBlock, mentioned above, there is now a discussion group here:


are the sources avaiable ?

great project BTW.

The source code is here https://github.com/taweili/ardublock