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ArduBlock: a open source graphical programming language for Arduino integrated with the IDE

<a href="http://blog.ardublock.com/">ArduBlock</a> is a graphical programming languages that integrated with the Arduino IDE. It's originally inspired by <a href="http://scratch.mit.edu/">MIT's Scratch</a>. ArduBloick

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looks promising, ill check it out thxz :)

Thanks! Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

For absolute beginners and small kids this might have some use. But for anyone writing programs that is over 20 lines, this would probably be rather useless.


i don't see why 40 lines of code would be any different then 2x20.

shit either works or it doesn't.

It probably will work, but how readable is it in this graphic version.
If you’re testing it out, try loading a somewhat bigger sketch with multiple tabs and some more function. Is it still as intuitive and easy to read?

I agree with you. But don't forget, this is a UI for beginners, they do not write programs longer than 20 lines in the beginning. After the first success they probably switch to the IDE directly after they understood how the code works. It's like a homepage builder...the first steps are done with these but then the people want more and type their code in an editor ;-)

I agree that big scratch using this are not going to be easy to read but it's not the intention of this to constructure large program. We prefer to hide complexity in encapsulated blocks so the beginners can easily get to something useful and get interested in learning more. The visible code generation is to assist the transition to textual based program once they are comfortable.

As far as graphical programming user interfaces I like the PICAXE approach better.
It’s not great but here at least the user learns to read and understand a flowchart and that is a good practice for any programmer.  Personally I use the free yEd Graph Editor for my flowcharts http://www.yworks.com/en/products_yed_about.html

I like it.   It looks clean and is easy to read.

I think I would like to see some indenting on the loops and If / Then statements, to make the resulting code even easier to read.

does it support / assist in every command in the language?

perhaps you could show something more complicated like an obsticle avoidance program.

Thanks! Almost all commands in the Arduino library are supported except interrupts. We don't think that will be used much at this level. Will run the generated codes through a beautifier soon.