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ArduBlock: a open source graphical programming language for Arduino integrated with the IDE

<a href="http://blog.ardublock.com/">ArduBlock</a> is a graphical programming languages that integrated with the Arduino IDE. It's originally inspired by <a href="http://scratch.mit.edu/">MIT's Scratch</a>. ArduBloick

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Looks nice, but as with the other similar graphical projects, it lacks a very important feature: a User Function block, that will allow users to write their own function using regular blocks and save it or collapse it and then use it as a single block in their program. 

Can you add this feature?

We are working on this and have gone through a few designs and tested them with our primary target kids from 6 and up. We found the designs still assume too much understanding of underlying constructures: function calls and parameters. There are still a few more designs to test out. In the mean time, we are building a backend so gadgets makers for example robot car can encapsulate their moving logic in "forward" "backward" "left" and "right" as blocks.

Finally you found your way to LMR :-) Good luck with your project. I am sure some of the beginners will benefit of it.

This really works! Planning to use it with kids soon.

One great feature is it's embedded in the Arduino IDE but does not replace it. So you can put the ArduBlock window and the Arduino IDE Code window side by side. When you click Generate in ArduBlock, the code pops up in the IDE window, so people can learn C++/Arduino coding as well, and even hack that code to do other things. Cool!

And I can't wait for the User Function drawer. I want to implement LOGO for simple low-cost beginner robots that use continuous rotation servos.

I taught robotics to kids with Lego Mindstorms, and the drag-drop is a way to get kids really started into programmig.  I bet some kids will look at the generated code window and go "Cool! I gotta learn about THAT ! "

@taweili did a LOT, repeat LOT of sophisticated coding to make this work!

Regards, Terry King ...On the Mediterranean in Italy


Thanks for the kind words. Keep the feedback coming. Thanks. 

Hi,thanks for posting. I'm new on a mac and also on Arduino ide. Can someone tell me were exactly the .jar folder goes and do I have to connect the board to make it work? I've tried a few things but it doesn't work. Do you have to create the Tool folder or whatever? Thanks

Here is a blog post about installation. It's a bit messy way to install. :( We are looking to make a installer soon. 


On Mac, you need to install it under:

/Users/[YOUR USER NAME]/Documents/Arduino/tools/ArduBlockTool/tool/ardublock-all.jar

Ok thanks that's what I've figured out after my reply. Congrats for your progress :)

I have been playing around with Scratch and Lego Wedo with my 8 year old child and I think this tool can be an interesting tool to try out.

I'll check it ASAP.


Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing this with my 7 years old daughter. Look forward to hearing from you. Kids are the main demograph we are developing this for. ;)