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Hello! This forum is for that i post my codes and you can check they work. 
First code:


tune 0, 4,($40,$42,$80,$44,$46,$04,$04,$04)

high 2

pause 500

low 2

pause 500



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Why not try it on the picaxe programming editor .. then you would know if it works or not .... i never programmed anything yet but i have downloaded the programmer to mess around with .... so after a simple copy and paste of your code can tell you it works .... plays a tune then turns two high pauses the turns 2 low then pauses then ends ....... 

using this at least u can try out your own code to see if it works, and then post if you come across a problem that you cant figure out .... rather than asking others to check something that you should be doing yourself.

Hope this helps.

If you can't load this into your chip, who cares if it works?

I cant run this on my chip because i cant move it to there because of cable

When you ran this on your chip, did it work?