Let's Make Robots!



Bonjour ! Hello !

Here is a french guy who made his first "robot" ! Lol !

It's not very original but it's easy to start for a beginner like me. If you look precisely you'll see that is not the same motor as other, i've took this oscillator from a recent phone and it works too. It's useless but fun !

Sorry for the quality of my english and of the video.

@+ !


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cool! welcome to LMR!! i'll sub at yer youtube channel!

This is really great. This robot looks like it is easy enough for beginner to make and useful in the process. It can be fixed so that it can clean while it is running around. Good stuff here.

Thanks !

For information it's a head from a tooth brush, I say that because it seems like a big brush but in fact not, it's small... So to clean you have to be patient ! Lol !

hi, a newbie here interested in robots...

what materials did you use for that??