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Wicked remote (Wii + Roomba)

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That is just too cool!!

Too bad he just skips over the part where he tells about how he made the interface.

but I still wouldn't understand them. : ) I've been hoping to come across a Wii-mote to micro hook-up, instead of Wiimote to laptop to micro hook-up. There's a program for Linux and maybe windows that allows a bluetooth connection between PCs and Wiimotes, where folks have done some interseting things.

Is this what you`re looking for?


and $4 is a steal because of the crappy AUD right now.

Want wireless (bluetooth) comms between the Wii-mote (not the nunchuck part) and a micro of choice.

That looks like fun to toy with. I'm still waiting for my arduino nano to arrive to get me introduced to the world of arduino. (sorry Frits! I may just go over to the dark side) So I this really gets me thinking about experimenting with the wii remote.

If you're looking foor cool wii remote hacks, check out johny lee!  


Just make sure to spread some light over there ;)

Wouldn't you just need a bluetooth module that hooks up to a micro?

All you'd have to do is find out what security code the wiimote uses to connect, and then program that into the bluetooth. Most modules have their security and connecting programming all within the module.

From what I've read, the Wii-mote is pretty easy to connect to security wise, pretty wide open. The problem comes when trying to get a micro to understand all the HID interface comunications that the Wii-mote sends over bluetooth. Now it might be possible to take the Linux GCC Human Interface Device hacked code and port it somehow to your favorite micro that is also programmed by GCC, but then again, maybe not.

Imho, I don't think you get the Bluetooth & HID stuff running on a micro like AVRmega or PIC. For these you need a little bit more power. A gumstix board (ARM processor with Linux) for example can do this job.

Look here: 





Some good info, sadly confirming though the need for PC or PC like devices. The gumstix is a pretty intereting little device, and it did allow a small robot to read the Wiimote commands. I just debate whether it is better to go with a gumstix, or just go ahead and use a cheap laptop on a robot for something like this.