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hard ware not found

i know this is around the site in places already but people seemed to have different solutions that dont work for me

i am trying to program my robot but my computer says hardware not found on com3

this is with picaxe by the way

thanks if you can help :)

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are you using I/O 0 for part of your project?.

is your cable installed as com3 or an other  (in hardware management find your com ports then plug your cable in , you should see what port your cable is setup for )


Are you sure that your cable is on com 3? Com ports get changed from time to time.

I would suggest posting what you've tried so far so we know what solutions did not work for you.

i have trieds every port therre is on my computer none of them worked 

i used the disk in the starter pack so i deffinately have the cable driver 

i have tried reseting lotd of time but that hasn't worked either :(

 i have tried different sets of batteries as apparently they dont program well if they dont get enough power 

thanks :)


the first time you pluged the programing cable in, did the coumputer ask to install a driver? (usb only ) and you need to use the same usb port every time you need to program

well i have tried this on 2 different computers on one i used the disk and i had the driver but on the other i downloaded it off the internet this asked me to down load someting untill i downloaded the driver off the internet the first computer sill says if you bhave a floppy disk that came with this hardware, or someting, then insert it now

did you do what it asked ,