Let's Make Robots!


Hi guys this is my quadpod. I'm new with this kind of robot and i need a lot of help. I use lego pieces for the legs and the base. For the logic I used a ssc-32, and by now I simple use the lynxTerm toget him stand up (to transfer data i use the dfRobot bluetooth module compatible with ssc-32). If anyone can help me with the algorith to let the robot walk, I'll appreciate:) enjoy!. Edit soon.


Ps: sorry for the picture, but the iphone takes photos in a different rotation XD

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Rotate the phone, u get different photo

Well, it looks good :-)

You can rotate your photo in any software (e.g. Paint in Windows) to improve the abilities of your iPhone ;-)

For the walking just check all the hexapods here in LMR there is a lot of information available. I did the programming for my quaruped by myself. It's really hard but it will give you an understanding how the things work.