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Old pc,


I have an old computer at home, and I do not know what to do with it. 

Do you have great idea's what I can do with it??


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I mean yeah you could use some parts for projects but why not keep it as a computer if it goes. If you normally run windows do a linux box or vice versa. It never hurts to learn a new OS.

are you in the right place .with screwdriver in hand open that sucker up and have a look .Google part numbers and chip sets , read up on things like "computer interface " for a computer that old look up Q BASIC ,if you can get it on the net up date as much as you can and download some kind of programing software ...., if you need to know something Google is your friend <<< Google is your friend <<<<< don't expect to be spoon feed,, reading and research is %90 of Robot building 

you could make whatever you can imagine out of that computer  me personally i would disassemble it salvage the fans, power supply,CD rom ,hard drive,LED's ,switches and wire. there are some other useful parts but meh.  the rest you could use to make something else a robot for instance :)lol 

with a bit of work and imagination it could be a  arm , fish tank controller ,security system, m&m sorter , water your garden ,close your windows ,climate control  ,weather station ,tell you if you have real mail , dog/cat/fish/bird/lama feeder ,automate your house , i could go on, my point if it has electricity you can control it via a computer, think of what you would most like to do and work out a plan on how to get there. ,

"dreams don't come true  plans do ."    yes i bang on a bit :)  

some specks would be nice

The PC is about 7 years old.

I do not really know what's inside.

Then how the hell should we know?