Let's Make Robots!

You GOTTA see this Turtle Robot!!

This is amazing!!


My Chinese partner is talking to this guy about sourcing the parts or a kit for this robot...

Anyone seen / done something like this?


Regards, Terry King

...On the Mediterranean in Italy





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the search thingy is broken atm, but when its fixed search for 'chopsticks'.

its a walking robot that became a kit by one of the members.

Yes Chopsticks is now a kit. I am writting the instruction manual now.

The turtle is simply another quadruped robot. Might be easier to program since it is always sitting on it's belly.
There are many quadrupeds on this site including my QuadBot Puppy Kit.

If Terry does pursue this robot as a kit then it will be interesting to see how it turns out in terms of quality and price.




Your friend is digi01? I think he post this one before:


Digi01 is in Guangzhou I believe. My friend Peng is in Shenzhen and is contacting him about sourcing a Kit we would sell on YourDuino.com

Cool thing is the same basic two Servo brackets are used for everything except the central base. And they are low-cost CNC cut parts.  I want to source those same brackets for other configurations also.

I have not talked / communicated with Digi01 yet myself.

I want to make one of these for autonomous mode with a 360 Ultrasonic sweeper. 

Its hard to beat kondos turtle speed because if you want to keep it affordable then you wont be able to use so  fast servos .

Yes, although I am looking at some "Digital Servos" from a factory we know. Need to check speeds..

But it's SUPPOSED to be a Turtle, not a Cockroach, right ??? :-)



I think I can do better with Arduino and the guy in Sichuan. We'll see...

Cool thing about the Sichuan model is it uses all the same simple low-cost metal brackets as many other things. I'll be sourcing those brackets soon...


I think it looks like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbIOqj_9O8g