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Cleaning bot project

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Hello. This is my debut at LMR.My actual project is a cleaning bot with no wheels. It works with a simple PICAXE 28X1 board. Instead of wheels the robot moving with three servos-two continuous and an alternatating one.The movement ahead process is also a cleaning process. The beta version is is a quick work and only an experiment for a non-wheeled and non-climbing bot.



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That has a pretty nice design, good job!

Top marks for manueverability!

This robot would be great for polishing the floor but it seemed to have quite a build up of dust / dirt on the sponges. If you can get it to keep the sponges clean and collect the dirt then I think you would have the perfect floor cleaner.

Perhaps if you use round sponges and have them mounted at a greater angle so that in the center of the robot they are off the floor. Maybe use a vacuum to clean the sponges.

I like the movement of the robot! It cool!

 Mabe a robot I can mabe convince wifey to like. lol

it's stuck in my head might need to put it on my to do list

It's fun ! I like it !!!

Good work.

haha, now i can convince my wife to proceed with my robot projects ;-) she needs a bot like this too....

more bots doing the housework means more time to build them ;-)

I like the way it moves. Keep up the good work.

wow that has got to be the most usfull bot ,,,,,,,,nice work keep it up

A amazing new mode of locomotion!