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Li-ion Batteries

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I seems anything with fire attached to the name means they have re/discharge protection circuit inbuilt (dont quote me though). I have bought 4 similar ones but rated at 4000 ma/hrs. Check the size of the battery because these are 20%bigger than AA

 Check the size of the battery because these are 20%bigger than AA



I read that when they were being developed there were two reasons, one more capacity and second so that people could not put them into chargers designed for NiCad and NiMh cells. 

Important thing is these batteries need to be protected from overcharge and over discharge.  Some more-expensive ones have a chip built into every cell.

I am evaluating a nice 2 or 4 cell 18650 battery case with built-in protection and 5V at 2A output.  If it looks good I'll be selling them on YourDuino.com  

18650 is used in all the new high-end flashlights.



I hear li-FeO4  (A123) batteries are supposed to be safer.

Yes, much safer. It smokes but don't burn like others.

A123: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb_J2QQ0k-4


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just sent a warning to all electric vehicle manufacturers after a Chevy Volt burst into flames in their parking lot after a crash and took several other cars with it:




those particular ones i would not recommend.

if you are going to go lithium, i recommend staying with the good brands.
sanyo, panasonic etc.


I used them in my multi-remote control with no problem so far. However, still need to be careful to use li-xx batteries.