Let's Make Robots!

3D Carver of Invisible Stuff - My final video for Make

A tip to a fun littlle project :)

Hi guys,

The videos should be self explaining, so I'll just let it be with that.

I'll make the machine carve some stuff, and post some wacky shapes :)

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Very clever setup Frits! Do you have some foto's of the machine? I'm interested in how you built the simple XY and rotate robot. Does the magnet rotate with the object that is being carved?

Do you still have this setup?  I want to see one done with two magnets and then three.


You set it up just like you had it with same settings using repel of two neo magnets. Using a smaller drill probe mm or smaller.


Do it again with two magnets on the platform and one on the probe. Make sure to move the two magnets back so the surface of the platform magnets match the original single platform magnets. Also try to keep probe magnet unmolested*1.

Post some high def pictures of the sculptures in front of rule or measured grid board along with the weight(g) and dimensions(1/10 mm)  of each magnet and location.

What kind of tab(cost) would that run me? 




*1  I always laugh when someone so missuses a term when trying to give directions.

Amazing creation Frits,you are very talented,thanks for sharing :)

the rack and pinion is exactly what i was talking abput thanks :D

Make will be not the same with out you

Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration and good luck

in your next endeavour 

that thing you had on the servo with the little gear thing and that pole  where it went forwards and backwards, does it have a name? and can i buy one or did you make it?  thanks :)

Oh, nice link, Patrick, thanks :) I was using a mix of Lego and some random cogs.. and hot glue :D

I am not 100% sure excactly what of the things you are interested in. Can you perhaps make a drawing of it, take a screendum and draw on that or something, so I can give you a good answer?


Now I have no idea where to get one