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3D Carver of Invisible Stuff - My final video for Make

A tip to a fun littlle project :)

Hi guys,

The videos should be self explaining, so I'll just let it be with that.

I'll make the machine carve some stuff, and post some wacky shapes :)

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but why the F word?  

I liked this topic better when it had the F word !

but I don't wanna be "that guy"  -LOL


What? Its a joke!  -LOL


refreing to this song,,that's what i ment


thay changed it hear



Thanks for the link. I'm not a fan of ICP, but that song is pretty cool and at least now I get the reference.

na i Don't like them ether ,it's not a good message   ,

but it looked like people were missing it ,and ill play along  LOL! :) 

that's how LOL :)     art meets science nice concept  

Love the concept and idea....now its got me thinking what other invisible things can be mapped....

However as OddBot mentioned seems you have some "paranormal interests".........care to tell us more .....or do we just pay you to get our fortunes told........

thats a neat project.    

you might want to try a ball-nose end-mill instead of drill bit.   it might leave a cleaner surface.    check out www.TitanMan.com.   they may not be a good source for you outside the US, but a great way to learn about cutting tools.

also wax or soap, or balsa wood might work.

I wonder  if i could have a 3d printer do the same thing except in reverse?

I have to admit I check some websites more often than I check LMR.


There's is no escape Rik!