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Captains Blog StarDate 29783 - Miranda's Golden Eye

Introducing Miranda - implementation of "Halo" Laser scanner.

Consists of a Golden reflector/Wii camera attached to CTC's Mini Prop Undershield (PPPB) & Andrews M44D40+ propeller board.

Above is the onboard video-debug screen showing a 360 degee hires scan with various objects (show up as breaks/gap/displacements)......

CTC's Purple driver board jumped into my hands last week .....along with a handful of custom Perspex goodies  YAY.

Current configuration of Miranda is :-

  • 2 Geared motors .... driven off the PPPB H-Bridge
  • Wii-Mote IR camera  (Hacked-out, pcb mounted and supplied by CTC....thanks)
  • Laser - low power
  • Rotating mirror

Current update is that the Reflector is now in place (i was dreading this, as the alignment is critical), as it turned out it was not so difficult......sorry CTC hot glue was used......understand that once a pattern is worked out then its easy to replicate...

Next is to mount the laser and rotational mirror too create the infamous on board laser ring emitter....