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Follows lines with PD-control
LineFollowingPID.pde2.34 KB

Update: Finished second in the competition. Watch the videos for some action!

This is my line follower, R.A.L.F, which stands for Really Awesome Line Follower.

I built him to take part in Stockholms Robot assosications line follower competition.


The base is an old CD-ROM tray I for some reason had saved. 

The motors are mounted on a piece of scrap wood I found under my desk. They are controlled by a Pololu Qik 2vs91 Serial motor controller.


It's controlled by an Arduino Mega 2560, since that was the only microcontroller I had that isn't being used for some other project at this time.


Here's his underside.

The underside of R.A.L.F


I redid the design during the weekend, those two little wheels would just get in the way.


New underside

So now, he's become tracked! Video of him doing some linefollowing will be up soon!

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Haha, cool. What is this brass like looking thing in the middle of the chassis? Looks like a pair of train wheels?

Please provide a video, wanna see this runing...

Those are Meccano "train-style" wheels. I've removed them though, they didn't really do a good job of providing support, mostly got in the way and steered it of course, it's now tracked instead. New pictures etc on ~monday-tuesday:)