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08M robot arm IR controlling

Hello! I think subject tells a lot. I use picaxes IR receiver. Can you tell some examples for how can i do it? No ready code, examples. I want to make it move till stop is pressed or when button is released.

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I see it now. Cool.

Ok, you want something to go or not go when you hit buttons on your remote. I would try this:



infrain2 ; wait for new signal

if infra = 1 then swon1 ; switch on 1

if infra = 4 then swoff1 ; switch off 1

goto main

swon1: high 1

goto main

swoff1: low 1

goto main

And I would use this circuit:


You know, I went to the manual to try to find the IRIN commands but I could not seem to find them. Could you help me? What page of the manual did you find the IR commands? I need to know so I can help you with some example code.

Again, what page of the manual did you find the commands for the IR rx/tx?


And infrain2 page 114
Infrain page 112 Irin page 125