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ir rangefinder

i am trying to do something a bit like the start here robot well a lot like but i dont know how to hook up the dherp ir sensor i know how to connect it to the board but how do i connect wires to the sharp ir it is way to small to solder as it just connects the pins and female headers wont fit in the gaps what do i do  thanks

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im sorry but when i googled this all i got was how to hook it up to a picaxe or aurdino board the link you gave me just came up with a page saying error 404 page not found but this is probably a problem with my internet or some thing not the page so i dont really know what to google

if you have a question for Google in your case your keywords are( Sharp ,IR, Rangefinder , connections,) put all of those it to google and just hunt for the info you need it might take some time to find the right info you need but it is out there

404's because there are a couple extra spacces at the end of his posted link. If you follow his link, then click the URL bar you will see your cursor is out a couple spaces from the end of the url. Delete the spaces and reload.

Forget soldering to the actual pins on the sharp. Instead, solder to the pads on the back. Follow the pins to where they solder to the board, then solder to these pads. You simply need to check the data sheet for the sharp itself to be sure you get the pins in the right order. 

Also --is it too much to ask to get some punctuation in your questions? Maybe just a comma or two? Maybe a period here and there? --It is very hard to read without them.


might be inportant ?

so, do you mean here because i have tried this lots of times and my soldering iron just pus massive blobs on which ar a pain t get off.  


(i am pointing to it with a pen)

:) thanks


get a piece of wire solder a small blob of solder on to it ,so the wire has a little bit and the pad has a bit ,it will be simpler to solder this on Don't add extra when you attach it ,if your soldering iron's tip is to large cut it down some how or get a smaller tip ,

it can be done ive done it


sorry are not ar.