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ir rangefinder

i am trying to do something a bit like the start here robot well a lot like but i dont know how to hook up the dherp ir sensor i know how to connect it to the board but how do i connect wires to the sharp ir it is way to small to solder as it just connects the pins and female headers wont fit in the gaps what do i do  thanks

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thank you.

ive ust realised my school have some quite fine ones i might be able to use those (probably not though)

The blobs of solder from your iron are not the fault of the sensor, my friend --it is the fault of the iron, flux, solder, prep and technique. First off, use a small tip. Next, clean the tip, tin it properly, keep it clean (wipe constantly) and keep it tinned. Next, be sure you are not adding solder to the iron then trying to "wipe" it on to the joint. Tin the wires you are trying to solder first, then place the wire next to the pad. Now, heat both and add a small amount of fresh flux-core solder. Use small solder as well .020 or .032 would be fine. It wouldn't hurt to use a little extra flux as well. I use a little flux "pen" which works great. You can pre-goop the pads on the sensor which will help to remove any oxidation on the factory solder and will also help with heat transfer when you go to solder. 

Proper solder technique is what is holding you back here. Find some soldering tutorials, follow them and you will be all set.