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Home made tracks + brushless motor

This 40A brushless motor kinda surprise me that they really works. Well, for now at least. I don't know if they works with 2 belt in different directions. Gotta go get 9 teeth sprocket for another motor.

The reason why I use brushless motor is because the controller is way cheaper than those high power brushed motor speed controller(50A+). Could anyone tell me why they are so fxxking expensive? like $400~$800 USD??

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This is what it ends up with......

Coool, but you have to set a speed limit and buckle up the baby ;-)

Nah, it just for fun. I will never MOUNT my baby on any robots. Haha~


Well, well, well, these are amazing tracks. Great work hardmouse. 

Did you made the tracks by the "classic" recipe: bicicle chain + plastic/metal joints ? They look better than most of the home made tracks I saw, so far ... so, it will be kind of you to give me more details ...

Like what I show Dan below here. I found better motor for this belt so I improve the whole thing from previous MTMP project.

In the end, I've managed to build a interior version of the tracks you described: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30296

What I could see looks pretty good,

 (but a lot of it was blurry from moving the camera too much or too fast).