Let's Make Robots!

Wood & Glue roller

Follows a black line

Update: this robot has been replaced by http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29876

First step on my way to a maze solver. This roller only have one TCRT 5000 sensor, it can only follow a black line around, if it sees the line it will turn left. (or right, depending on a jumper)

Plan is to evolve on this until it can solve a maze (without loops)

It is running on quite low voltage, 2 times 2 well spent AA cells, giving approx 2 volts for brain and 2 volts for motors. This requires some tweaks which I plan to write about some other day.

The programming is kept "arduino compatible"

I had to break some of the popsicle glue points to take the photos


side view

note the 5-pin DIN connector. Its used for programming the atmega328p. I use my homemade programmer cable here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29207

The two motors are scrapped from old cdrom drives. An cheap way to get a motor with some gears. The orange belts and wheel coating is a balloon cut to pieces. And the wheel them selves are two ball bearings from some scrapped tape drives.

A closeup on the single TCRT5000 sensor, mounted on a half peg here.

Low voltage H-bridge built entirely with discrete components. Almost the same circuit as I drew here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27578#comment-74638

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that cd rom gears was the first thing caught my eyes!its familiar cuz i also used that in some project!and this is smart!only one sensor to follow the line :)

Hmmm, "phone" wire, too... I have some of that. Works great.

It is good to see old parts put to good use. It reminds me of some of the contraptions i built when i was younger.

There is no right angle on it...like it ;-)

I also like the use of discrete electronics (since I am of this age) and scrapped parts. 

Nice bot. Definitely has a steampunk feel about it. Looking forward to your progress.