Let's Make Robots!

"Cool Happenings" in need of better name

Please help me.

You all noticed the writeups I posted in my blog, right? Maybe I should give some of you a click or two to catch up right away.


OK, now we are all up to speed.

Please help me. I am very much tempted to write more of those. And I need to find a better name to call them. The current name is not so practical, I decided. Frits is now featuring my blog on the front page and all it says there now is "Featured: rik's blog". That is not very specific and it does not explain why it's featured. And it has the word "rik" in it 8-( .

That's why we need a better name. One that will stick. One that we can use throughout the site and maybe even elsewhere.

Before I pick a name and try to stick with it, I would like to hear your suggestions. You are creative people. You are, after all, robot builders.

Please mind that the new name must:

  • be short
  • describe the content (you may decide what that means to you
  • not be rik specific

And it would be nice if the name:

  • does not suck
  • indicates that this is periodical content (although that is a blatant lie)
  • would tie it in with letsmakerobots.com (for the outside world)
  • is not (too) geeky/techy/nerdy/robotical (we have enough of that going around)
  • is not a big play on words (dito)
  • could be easily pictured in a logo

Thanks for the help,


Update 18 nov:

Inspired by your responses and by a sleepless night with a scrap of paper on the night stand, I came up with some sort of ideas cloud. (high resolution here)


Still open for more suggestions. Or preferences.

Update 22 nov:

Thank you all for helping. I've made up my mind. It shall henceforth be known as

"The Pulse"

(Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43).

I Figured the word "periodical" would be somewhat redundant with "Pulse". I also liked the brevity of it. The subtitle might evolve over time. Check out the first (real) edition of The Pulse.


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LMR weekly cast? or botcast...can't think of anything better (please be aware that it's 20.18, and maybe that is why :) )

LMR Weekly

This Week in LMR

Ill keep thinking on it...

maybe a play on periodicals?



LMR Words 'n' Bits    maybe too nerdy ?
LMR Progress Bar

I keep thinking of time or measurement names :

LMR Times

LMR Chronograph

LMR Multimeter

LMR Meter

Quanta of LMR

Little Drum Machine Beats

The LMR Thingy




Rik's Piks


LMR's Weekly Overview Thingy

No way I'm gonna go through THAT Rik-Pik rhyme again. Haunted me throughout my childhood. (Hint for non-Dutch readers: your "pik" is ehmmm, you know, your, ughgh, your "thingy. OR DID YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY MR "IBEENAROUND"!?!

Consider calling your blog "Chris' Piss" !

I will consider anything with "Thingey" in the the name though. Is that inconsistent? Is inconsistent a bad thingey?

Just because thing(e)y is a well established LMR word.


Hint for non-Danish readers: your "pik" is ehmmm, you know, your, ughgh, your "thingy. OR DID YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY MR "IBEENAROUND"!?!


LMR Magic Smoke