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Motor controller

Hello everybody,

I cannot figure out this by myself, on a first quick look over internet. 

I have two motors RS550s like this (http://banebots.com/p/M2-RS550-120) and I want to buy a proper controller for them. I had a look on these two: http://www.robotshop.com/eu/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Dim-30&lang=en-US or http://www.robotshop.com/eu/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Dim-42&lang=en-US but, I don't know which one is more suitable for my project. 

What do you think ?

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My motor

Wow. Thank you for the quick replies and for making me aware of the stalled consumtion. 

Maybe you can recognize the motor ...so Markamas idea seems ok since I already have the gearbox that prevents stall. Later, if it will be necesary I will try something different. For now I will go with the sabertooth 2x12, which seems a reasonable choice and I will make all the adjustments while building everything ...

I agree with you to use sabertooth controller. Personally, I am not an expert and I have 2x50, 2x25,2x12, all of them work very well for a rookie like me. In case you dont burn anything when motor go over certain amps, I'd suggest you to use proper fuse to protect those controller.

i found out it has a "peak" output current of 50A per channel ,i assuming the 2x50 has a peak of 100A per channel . is that correct?

Yeah, that's what they said but I never reach that high.

I use 2x25 in this machine. 2 e-scooter motors.

what else can i say :)

if you know how to measure the amps consumed (meter in series with the motor ) it may have an unloaded  amp draw of over 10A well a peak of 10+A at start just check that the motor driver can handle the peak load at start up .once it is moving the load will drop  some  

I measured the consumption and even when I block the motor for 3-5 seconds, the load is less than 10 amps (it was around 8 amps). This is mainly because the gearbox is not blocking the motor.

I'm beginning to feel proud of my investment ... 

the drill motors i was using would pull 10A to 12A peak on start up (no load) and if i try to stall them off the chart i never ended up using them , well it looks like you have all the info you need to select your motor driver ,give your self some head room with the motor driver you will one day won't to get better motors it may save you some money in the long run

the stall current of your motor is the max  amps it will pull when stalled, this is important when selecting your motor driver. the A rating of your motor driver should be lager than the stall current  of your motors 

oh and ied find another motor something with a gear head /gear box  

sabertooth are cool as, i use the 2x25 with some banebot gear-head motors and banebot weals the soft green ones in a 7kg robot "Crunch" i have over powered this bot for fighting and pushing    

Well your motor consumes 1,2A at no load, but can go up to 10A with a little bit of load and to 82A if stalled :~(. Neither of these drivers can handle 82A but at least they have over-current protection. I would suggest that you make a stall-detection system (probably with shaft encoders) to ensure your current stays around max. 10A. Then you can save yorself some 500$ and buy a medium-power motor controller. 

Just my opinion