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Aaronsuper, the scale for measuring discomfort while waiting for a parcel

Today on the shoutbox we came up with the concept of a standardized way of describing the stress, pain and general discomfort we all feel while waiting for the package with robot parts we ordered on the Internet.

We named the standard after Aaronsuper1 who waited quite long for the last, but damn important part, which completely prohibited him from getting started on anything. We decided that exactly that level is one on the scale: 1 aaronsuper.

It is quite hard, and definitely not something you want to try yourself, to reach above 1 aaronsuper, but we believe that Andres must be around 2 aaronsuper with his experience dealing with diybin. In general its bad if you get screwed in a online deal!

For really bad cases there is the superaaron scale. One superaaron equals pi^2 * aaronsuper,  or for a rough estimate 10. But this is bad!

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to beat aaronsupers, you need :

Man, I feel so honoured and flattered to be named as the metric unit for the stress, pain and general discomfort in waiting for a package to arrrive. : ) Well, at least I won't have to feel anymore Aaronsupers untill a year or two which is when I start buying parts again. :( Thnx all, this made my day!


Well, I'm not quite sure it's a metric unit, as you can see the base is pi^2 rather than 10. And scale is not linear.

But you were the one used as the initial reference.

MetalmonkeeLad identified the issue, and if i remember correctly, called it a syndrome. I did see it as a measure which I thought would be more useful and then made the definition.

Place an order for an item already on backorder, due in around a month from purchase. Already registering wiggles on the needle with the aaronsuperometer. The long awaited day comes and the date of arrival is pushed back two weeks. Two days later and two more days added to backorder.

Acheive 0.6 aaronsuper.

Place order for items elsewhere. Watch as date is pushed back yet another week and consider what 0.7 aaronsuper would feel like.

i know it's only been 14 days but if it don't come today ill have the hole weekend to wate :(  sigh

woop, i named it myself!

Let's not forget all the other people that "got hit" by DIYBin http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29345
They scored pretty big time on the aaronsuper scale too.





You were in the other end of that shipment to Aaron, right? I should have given you credit in the original entry and mentioned the benefits for all of us then buying from each other here on LMR.